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Want to Pitch Your Startup?

Of f**king course you do! That’s the point.

Here are the types of startups we don’t suggest pitch at our pitch battles…

Anything that’s an Uber for Toilets. We’ve had too many of those. (Just kidding, please pitch.)

If you’re strictly pitching at Startup Denver for a $250 million raise at $2 billion valuation. (You’re at the wrong place!)

And if you hate receiving critical (but great feedback on your ideas).

And the types that we strongly encourage to pitch their ideas…

If you have limited experience presenting your startups in front of an audience, and would love to get feedback on them.

If you’ve launched your startup, are growing and need support in the form of mentors, advisors or potential co-founders.

And if you need advice to help you sell your crazy ideas to potential customers (or investors) better.

Everyone else? DO IT.


Note, we receive upwards of 20+ applications every month for only four spots. First-come, first serve.

Want to stand out? Send us a special note at or

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