Where the craziest pitch ideas are usually the best.

At Startup Denver, we give every startup with a crazy idea and enough hubris to get in front of a crowd of ravenous judges five minutes to sell their idea to the world. (Well, a very small portion of the world, at least.)



Our mission at Startup Denver is to give even the craziest ideas – you know, the Uber for Pooper-Scooping – a platform to pitch their ideas for five minutes in front of a captive audience and a panel of some of Denver’s best entrepreneurs.

Whether they simply want to get practice in speaking to an audience, or a chance to sell their million-dollar product to potential customers, our vision is to give anyone with a ridiculous idea and enough gumption to talk about those things a place to pitch.

Our Team

We founded Startup Denver as a way to help connect Colorado’s up-and-coming startups and entrepreneurs with the Denver communities amazing network of advisors, entrepreneurs and investors.

Recently, we’ve been expanding beyond the Colorado community – to cities like Boston, D.C. and Phoenix.

Here’s just some of our amazing team locally: ​

Matt “Handshakin” Holmes

Lead Organizer, Startup Denver, Founder at Handshakin’ and World Record Holder

Mike Kilcoyne

Co-organizer, Startup Denver, Founder at Embrace the Suck, Certified Pokemon Trainer

Satish Mani

Co-organizer, Startup Denver, CEO at Kairos Interactive Capital

Marlee Peters

Co-organizer - Founder, CEO at Odin Ventures

What People Are Saying

"It was great to get exposure... get our name out there... get the pitch in front of a panel of real judges... [Startup Denver] is a great place to be doing this..."

William Loopesko, GoPawsible

"This [group] has been by far the most useful & engaging of any I have attended. They have created a completely comfortable atmosphere in which to learn from & connect with some of the most talented & successful entrepreneurs."

Chris Butterfield, Scannibal

“Candid feedback from judges that you can actually execute on… No more fluff.”

Neha Mohta, Purpleslate

I Want to Pitch My Startup!

Of f**king course you do! That’s the point.

Apply to pitch:

  • If you have limited experience presenting your startups in front of an audience, and would love to get feedback on them.

  • If you’ve launched your startup, are growing and need support in the form of mentors, advisors or potential co-founders.

  • And if you need advice to help you sell your crazy ideas to potential customers (or investors) better.

Become a Local Organizer

In just over a year, Startup Denver (and our other chapters) have grown an audience of over 10,000 people digitally, our monthly events are frequently attended by upwards of 100s of people and we’ve helped startups raise over $25 million collectively.

Want to launch your own chapter?

AWESOME! We want you to do that, too.

That’d be cool.

Here’s what you’ll get as a local organizer:

  • Tons of support and help in launching your first event(s).
  • Access to an amazing network of mentors and entrepreneurs who are already part of the Pitch Battles community.
  • Templates for developing, launching and promoting your first event(s).
  • And, fuck, we’ll cold-call people for you for networking and intros if you need it, too.

Cool? Let’s do it.

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